Dead Man's Diary: A Theatrical Novel

22 сен 07:30 pm

After a sold out run in May/June, Arlekin Players Theatre is happy to announce a rerun!

The unfinished “Theatrical Novel” by Mikhail Bulgakov (or “Dead Man’s Diary” - the preferred title of the author) is a sacred avowal of love to the theatre.

He wrote:
“What was more important, my life had been drained dry by love for the Independent Theatre; I was now pinned to it like a beetle to a piece of cork…”

It is a diary written by a scorned, full of love author that “throws himself headfirst off the Chain Bridge” as he meets the inexplicable, mysterious, comical, full of wonder world of Theatre.

Director: Igor Golyak
Stage Design: Nikolay Simonov
Composer: Jakov Jakoulov
Choreographer: Victor Plotnikov

Original text composition written by: Igor Golyak

368 Hillside Ave, Needham Heights, MA 02494
2 месяца назад
в 12:56 pm

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