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The Best Quality of Loose Teas

Borengajuli Assam — Black Tea — one of the most sought after teas from Assam, has exemplary flavor, bright coppery color in the cup and outstanding leaf style. $1.79 oz

Margaret’s Hope — Darjleeng Black Tea — Chinese tea that grows in India with flavors of French grapes and Himalayan mountain air. It’s called the Champagne of teas, with musky-sweet tasting notes similar to Muscat wine. $2.99 oz

Lovers Leap Tea — Black Tea from Sri Lanka, with a light,
fresh, flowery taste. It is a pure orange pekoe, bright
with excellent flowery flavor. $1.89 oz

Earl Gray Black Tea — Aromatic bergamot adds a refined
tart citrus taste to this dark, full-lead tea. $1.99 oz

English Breakfast Black Tea — a most beloved morning black tea with good body and full tea flavor notes. It's coppery bright, with medium caffeine and high antioxidant level. Feel like royalty with this elegantly time-honored classic tea. $1.99 oz

Japan Sencha Green Tea — pale yellow green Japanese tea tending light liquoring and smooth with reasonable depth and body. The aroma is mellow and the flavor is naturally sweet, brothy and vegetal. $1.69 oz

3 Flower Burst Artisan Green Tea — this handmade artisan tea has smooth and satisfying green tea notes with the peach,
jasmine and lily character. $10.99 oz

Pai Mu Tan — Chinese White Tea — is the least processed of all types of tea, contains the least amount of natural caffeine,
and the most health benefits. $3.89 oz

Lady Hannah Fruity Paradise Tea — a delightful mix of whole fruits: blackberries, apples, strawberries, raspberries, brambleberries, hibiscus, rosehip, papaya and pineapples create this taste sensation. $3.19 oz

Last Mango in Paris Fruity Tea — close your eyes, take a sip, and get carried away to The City of Love. The tea blends the sultry character of fresh tropical mango with sexy hibiscus, elevating elderberry, sultry
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