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Wild Travel LLC is inviting you on an unforgettable travel to ARMENIA, one of the most ancient and fascinating countries in the world. Being one of the ancient civilized cradles, Armenia is famous for its cultural values, spiritual and secular monuments, unique historical and natural monuments, wonderful nature and rich fauna.

We will give you the opportunity to discover yourself and your abilities in the wildlife, to observe the secrets of biodiversity, to see, to take photos and distinguish the animals and their breeds living in the wildlife.

We will give you a chance to recognize the Armenian Highland, to admire its unique beauty and live unforgettable moments in beautiful parts of Armenian highland.

What do we offer?

Our company is specialized in hiking, ecotourism, agro-tourism and photo safari tours. We put together the packages that satisfy the needs of our customers. We are working together with the well known service providers to ensure the quality of the products and services. We offer variety of active tour packages for families, individuals and groups.


· Ecological and research tour packages

· Eco tours to nature reserves and national parks

· Animal observation/watching in their natural habitation environment

· Trekking via green routs (the main thing is that the aim was exceptionally “ecological”)

Hiking tours

Hiking is becoming more and more popular in Armenia. For travelers who prefer active holidays we recommend to do hiking in Armenia. These tours include visits to historical and cultural monuments of Armenia with safe overnight stay at camps available along the route.

Family holidays

Active and classic tours to Armenia
Family trips with overnight stay at cottages, hotels close to the nature.
Cognitive tours

Photo Safari Tours

Excursions to nature
Animal watching
Photographing wildlife
Camping tours in wild nature

Agro Tours

Agro trips to the villages,
Agro trips to botanical farms
Hosting in the countryside through-out Armenia

Contact Person
Aram Matevosyan

E-mail: wildtravelin@gmail.com

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