Spanish Cuisine Masterclass

10 июл 07:00 pm

Spanish Cuisine Masterclass!

Друзья, приглашаем вас на очередной кулинарный мастер класс Бостонской группы "Оливье". В этот раз мы предоставляем вам редкую возможность научиться готовить блюда средиземноморской кухни под руководством шефа из Испании, Maria Elena Hernandez,

Класс будет проходить на русском языке, в частном доме в Natick. Начало класса в 7 вечера, в среду 10 июля. Стоимость класса - $75 с человека. Все продукты включены. Приносите испанское вино! Если вы ещё не в группе Оливье - присоеденяйтесь!


Eggplant cannelloni filled with pisto
Pisto is a very traditional vegetable stew from the Quixote land “La Mancha”

Lets serve the most famous cold tomato soup with a touch of our own.

Chicken & vegetable paella
Saffron-infused rice simmered and adorned with fresh seafood, tender chicken, and a melody of flavorful spice.

Shrimp with garlic
Sauteed shrimp with a punch of fresh garlic and parsley infused with Olive oil.

Wrinkled potatoes with mojo an aioli sauce:
Lets bring the islands through their most famous tapa “papas con mojo”

От Марии:
Meet an industry veteran with over two decades of culinary expertise! With a rich background in Spanish cuisine, having launched a successful tapas restaurant and catering business in Madrid, I've honed my skills through a myriad of gastronomic adventures. My passion for sharing knowledge led me to conduct numerous masterclass courses in Madrid, delving into international recipes and culinary techniques. I've also provided invaluable consulting services for budding restaurateurs looking to make their mark in the vibrant culinary scene. With a wealth of experience and dedication to the art of cooking, I continue to inspire and innovate in the world of food and hospitality. Indulge your senses in a flavorful journey through Spain's culinary delights! Join us for a tantalizing session of mouthwatering paella and some savory tapas, all freshly prepared to transport you to the vibrant streets of Madrid, Valencia,Toledo and more... Let your taste buds dance with the authentic flavors and aromas of Spanish cuisine. Here you can see a pinch of the menu we will enjoy together. Come savor the essence of Spain with us!

Natick, MA
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